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Childbirth Preparation Classes

Private childbirth preparation classes: 4 classes, 2 hours each, at home.

Class n°1

- Creation of a birth plan (birth with or without epidural, partner’s role, desires, secure environment, breast or bottle feeding…)

- Physiology of the birth/feminine anatomy

Class n°2

- When to leave for the hospital/birth center

- Coping techniques for the contractions, labor positions, relaxation exercises

- Epidural: How, when, why, pros and cons

- Birth positions

Class n°3

- Immediate post-partum

- Physiology of the lactation

- Breastfeeding positions/ bottle feeding

Class n°4

- Pathology: Induction/C-section/forceps/breech/episiotomy

- Baby care

- Prenatal and postpartum perineum care

- Contraception

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