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2 prenatal home visits of two hours each

in order to establish a trustful relationship and prepare yourself for the big day

- Create of a birth plan according to your wishes and desires- Review labor and birth positions
- Talk about breast-feeding
- Answer your questions
- Prepare yourself for the birth (partner's role, when to leave for the hospital...)

Labor support

Starting when you decide (at home after the very first contractions, or at hospital/birth center directly), ending when you are transferred to the Post-partum unit (2 hours after the birth). This includes:

- Physical support throughout the birth: labor positions, coping techniques for labor, respect of the physiology of the labor and birth, massage, acupressure, walking, hydrotherapy...- Emotional support all along the labor, help to understand what is medically happening, respect of the birth plan when possible, relaxation exercises, making sure your partner is actively involved
- Communication with the medical staff
- Help for the first breast or bottle feeding right after the birth, skin to skin.

Post-Natal home visit

I offer 1 post-natal home visit in the first week after the birth in order to make sure everyone is all right:
- Answer questions about the birth
- Tips for breast/bottle feeding, newborn care, mother care...
- Techniques for managing the baby’s cries
- Set up the new environment

24h/7 on call labor support after 38 weeks

I’ll stay in San Francisco for this period of time to be sure to join you on time the birth day

Permanent support

Phone and email contact throughout your pregnancy to answer questions and make you feel confident.

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