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Fanny, Julien and baby Antoine

I can't think of a better decision than hiring Eve as our postpartum doula.Thanks to her midwifery background in France, she helped us through breastfeeding and healing during the first weeks. She empowered me in my new role, bringing in new tips each time she came. She answered all my questions about sleep, babywearing, bathtime etc. Because she's very calm and compassionate, she reassured me and helped me feel good.On top of that, she always offered to take on more initiatives in the house when Antoine was sleeping: Eve is very organized and also a great cook!

Gaëlle, Louka and baby Lily

Eve has been very professional throughout the delivery of my daughter, at home.
We had several prenatal appointments, during which she has taught me things I had no idea about even though I was about to have a child for the third time. She has taught me about the physiology of a delivery, and it later helped me cope with the fear and the pain of the delivery.

Her knowledge on Chinese medicine was a big plus for me.

I’m really happy that Eve took part of this adventure with us and I can only recommend her. Thank you Eve for your help and presence. Thanks to you, I was able to deliver a beautiful and peaceful little girl.

Lucie, Javier and baby Gabriel

As the big day was approaching I started feeling a little bit of anxiety about labor and delivery. Eve came to our home, and session after session I started to really feel mentally ready. Her knowledge and explanations helped us understand better the physiological process and demystify the whole birth experience. Eve adjusts the classes to your birth plan and concerns which makes it a unique exchange.

Sihem, Corentin and Baby Ali

Kindness and support. If there were 2 words that could define our experience with Eve are kindness and support. She has been an amazing postpartum doula.

When we came back from the birth center with our son Ali, she did not hesitate to make up time and come home earlier to assist me as I was dealing with my first and very painful lactation.

She taught me how to manage breastfeeding, how to properly use my breast pump and ramp up with new positions to breastfeed. I became more and more confortable with breastfeeding with time thanks to Eve.
But more than breastfeeding support, Eve contributed to make the most of our parenting adjustments and better bond with our son, explaining us how to give a bath to our son in a safe way, give a massage to him, etc.

She allowed me to rest while taking care of Ali. She’s very professional and trustworthy. Eve helped me to get on my feet and feel surrounded with positivity, she advised me on a specific diet to better recover from my anemia.
During my pregnancy, she also provided us a super childbirth training and allow us to ask all questions we had about physiological labor and delivery, sending us presentation and video we could also watch at home to be even more prepared.

I recommend Eve’s service with no doubt.
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