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About Me


I became interested in the midwifery world when I assisted my sister’s delivery, acting as a doula without being aware of it. I was there throughout the labor, supporting her as I could, trying to massage her with some herbal oils, and make her a hot bath in order to cope with the contractions. I observed the different stages of labor with each phase illustrated by a different physical and emotional presence. I noticed how she changed positions, how her voice changed, how her face and her glance were more and more focused on the imminent meeting with the baby, and I found that fascinating!

After that, my expectations were not too ambitious, I didn't forsee what could happen next! When it was time to push, my nephew was in bradycardia, meaning that he needed to be born as quick as possible because his heart was starting to fail. The midwife used acupuncture to help the baby to descend, and no more than 5 minutes later, my nephew Arthur was among us, a new member of the family!  Usually, it takes much longer to push the baby out, especially for a first baby, this was unbelievable! The first contact between Arthur and his mother was such a precious moment that I will never forget.

The physical and emotional transformation that I observed through the birthing process was incredible and touched me very deeply. I was discovering the creation of a precious life and the deep love connection between a mother and her baby.  

At this moment, I knew right away that I wanted to learn both these wonderful skills: midwifery and acupuncture!


I am originally from south of France, from a small town next to Toulouse. I’ve always been sensitive to nature and the simplicity of life. I love hiking, camping and reading!

I am a devoted person who loves sharing and learning from people. I used to work in underprivileged areas in French islands, with a large volume of immigrants. I learned a lot from these women who knew their body very well because they were so in sync with their physical feelings and their mind. They don’t know technology, they don’t know what is an epidural but they know their body. They made me grow in my profession, realizing the importance of the respect of time and physiology.

I’m also a volunteer doula at San Francisco Zuckerberg General Hospital because I think every woman/couple has the right to be guided. It’s a big privilege for me.


I completed my midwifery master’s degree in Toulouse and practiced as a licensed midwife for four years in Paris, before moving to California two years ago. I worked in both birth and post-partum units, the high-risk pregnancy department, pregnancy and gynecological consultations…

I also graduated from a French degree of obstetrical acupuncture to be a better support for women who want to have a natural pregnancy and labor. As a midwife, I experienced many situations when acupuncture helped a lot: it can treat morning sickness, acid reflux, diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, it benefits the cervical dilation, helps reversing breech presentation, promotes lactation, supports digestion, supports recovery, increases the baby's mother's nourishment and more.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a wonderful complementary medicine. That is why I decided to go all-in on my passion. Two years agon I enrolled at the great acupuncture school the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) to extend my skills to general Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ll graduate in 2020. I’m currently an intern at the clinic, so if you want to experience this holistic approach for your pregnancy, you can book an appointment at the clinic and ask me to be your practitioner, I would be honored!

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